Welcome to a different kind of law firm. Believing that a person’s goal or endeavor can be achieved if first one makes a plan, our approach to client service begins with a friendly conversation over a cup of coffee. Whether guiding a family through the process of creating their estate plan or helping an entrepreneur launch a new business, Barbara believes planning begins by answering four key questions: What’s the goal? Where’s it located? Who’s involved? How much will it cost?

We understand that estate planning involves sharing information about oneself that is usually kept private. We discuss assets, both in terms of value and also terms of transfer. We also talk about family dynamics, such as goals and aspirations parents may have for their children that may be different depending on the child or the situation. Lastly, we educate clients on what planning tools and documents can be used to assist them in achieving their goals.   

Specializing in estate planning, client counseling leads to developing strategies and documents that will enable the client’s planning goals to be achieved, our service areas include:

ESTATE PLANNING: The term “estate planning” includes more than planning for one’s survivors and assets after they die. This planning also involves ensuring the client enjoys the lifestyle they wish to enjoy as long as it’s reasonably possible. While no one can know what the future holds, establishing a plan for one’s lifestyle before and during retirement, as well as when various life events occur can create the best possible chance of achieving most goals the client has for their lifetime as well as how they would like assets to transfer after they pass.

REAL ESTATE: In order to ensure that a client’s estate planning goals are achieved, real estate ownership and transfer is often an important part of planning discussions.

PROBATE: Settling a loved one’s affairs after death can be an emotional process. Services include guiding family members through the process of estate settlement, which can involve gathering and distributing assets with or without court supervision.

SMALL BUSINESS: Understanding business formation, ownership, and tax implications of different business formats will help clients coordinate their business and financial endeavors with their estate planning.

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